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Kundli Matching

Horoscope Matching is a profound and intense necessity in any society before getting married. Before entering into a marriage or a relationship, a competent astrologer's help is taken up for a complete analysis of the horoscopes of boy and the girl. It is done to ensure a harmonious, balanced and healthy relationship for marriage.

Matching of horoscopes, is hence, even more, necessary than matching a blood group of a person. A mismatched couple as per medical analysis, risk health & progeny prospects, but on the other hand a mismatched couple as per a study of Astrology, risk their health, happiness, success, wealth and mind's peace. It can also affect their career growth & prosperity - everything in life which is worth noting.

Our Horoscope Matching Analysis Report is a comprehensive, detailed report, manually prepared by Kamal Kapoor, in which you will get hold of one of the most in-depth analyses regarding overall compatibility between the boy and the girl. Please note, this report is just not a simple gun Milan report ( which you can get free from our website), but it takes the most relevant critical six-factor analysis, along with covering favorable and unfavorable astrological combinations regarding marriage and any other applicable marriage yogas.

What are six significant aspects to be analyzed before the decision regarding marriage can be taken ? ( see below ) According to Indian Vedic Astrology, matching of the horoscopes is not just gun Milan and Manglik Dosh, as it is much more exhaustive and in-depth than this. In our opinion, there are six significant aspects, which comes into relevance, when a competent astrologer analyze and match two horoscopes for marriage or long-term relationship.

Longevity factor: First and foremost, the tentative and expected longevity of the girl and the boy needs to be checked very carefully. If there is a considerable difference between both, then there is no further need to match the horoscopes.

Mental makeup or nature: Two horoscopes should be matched for their mental & psychological faculty to check whether they match on a mental wavelength level or not. If the boy possesses a hot temper and the girl is also of the same fiery temper, this will result in strained relations and a possible separation/divorce.

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